Vauxhall is an alternative rock band. The bands influences include The Cure, The Smiths, Radiohead, Shihad, David Bowie, Suede, Nick Cave and Joy Division. Vauxhall have three EPs behind them and have just released their debut full-length album 'Hanging on by a Thread' . 'Hanging on by a Thread' is a powerful collection of songs that superbly showcase Vauxhallís unique talent. The album ranges from hard, fast rock numbers to ballads of delicate beauty, with every song emanating the soul and passion Vauxhall have for the music they create.

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including online from Real Groovy Records

Click here to go to the Castletoonz website and watch the video for "It's a Shame", the first single from the album.

/01/06 - The video and more reviews: The video is looking great so far. We will probably have it to T.V. about mid February all going well. However we will make it available here before that so you can get a sneak preview on what you'll be seeing on T.V. We should have some more reviews of the album running in next months Rip It Up and Real Groove magazines but we'll let you know for sure as soon as that is all confirmed. We've attached a couple more pictures from the video shoot to wet you appetite some more for the video!


01/01/06 - Happy New Year!!!: Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! We really appreciate all your support with the release of Hanging on by a Thread, the reception for the album has just been fantastic! We have some very exciting things planned for 2006 and you can be sure we'll keep you posted! Have a great holiday!

26/12/05 - The next single and video: Hope you all had a great Christmas! We can now let you all know that The Cranes will be the next single off Hanging on by a Thread. The single will probably be released to radio in late February (but you can download it right now from here!!!).  As mentioned last month the video for the single is being directed by Amarbir Singh the director of 1Nite! We have been hard at work on the video and so far with the magic Amarbir has worked even the raw footage is looking amazing! Below are some pictures from the video shoot.

27/11/05 - News: A lot has been going on behind the scenes recently so we're sorry for the lack of regular updates but you can rest assured we have been busy boys. As well as over seeing some steady album sales we have been busy arranging a few other things. The most recent of these to come to fruition is the feature on the Homegrown radio show on National Radio which took place yesterday. We are also pleased to announce that the album will feature in next months New Zealand Musician magazine. We have also been busy organisng the next single off the album (more on that later) and have just finalised arrangements for the filming of the video to accompany the next single which we are very proud to announce will be directed by Amarbir Singh the director of 1Nite!!! In the near future we will also be making some official Vauxhall merchandise available so check back here soon!

31/10/05 - Album of the week on 95bfm: We are very pleased to announce that Hanging on by a Thread will be the album of the week starting today on 95bfm, one of New Zealand's top alternative music stations.

11/09/05 - The first video!!!: Castletoonz has now finished the video for "It's a Shame". Vauxhall is also the Castletoonz band of the month. was started in October 2004 and covers the misadventures of neighbours living in the suburb of Richardís Cliff on Aucklandís North Shore. The site is aimed at promoting NZ online internationally through one thing only Ė flash animated cartoons. The site also promotes NZ bands and puts together small cartoon music videos for them. In the near future the site is also putting together the tales of a NZ unit during World War II. The site and cartoons are done by Lewis Anderson, previously an independent NZ filmmaker. Click here to go to the Castletoonz website and watch the video for "It's a Shame"!

27/08/05 - The first Single!: Very exciting news! We can now confirm that the first single off the album will be "It's a Shame" and should be out to radio in the next couple of weeks! We are also very proud to announce that Castletoonz will be producing a very unique animated video for "Its a Shame". Check out the Castletoonz website to see some of their previous amazing work!

24/08/05 - The artwork: Has been a strange few days since getting back from Sydney just trying to adjust to normal life again and getting use to not being in the Studio all the time! I think it is going to take a while to fully come back to earth properly. However we have had a number of other things keeping us busy. We have formalised a track list for the album and Mark Roach is underway with the final version of the artwork. From what he has shown us so far it is going to look fantastic!

21/08/05 - Home again: Feeling a little the worse for wear today. Had a great dinner out last night and Rikki hit the sack after that and then jimmy and I headed into town. Can't quite remember everywhere we ended up but I do remember a 4 storey Goth club, an Oasis tribute band and security guards with metal detectors. Everything else is a bit of a blur. Fantastic night though. Went for another wander round Sydney after breakfast. Feeling pretty shabby but we had a few hours before we had to be at the airport so figured we may as well. Found a nice bar in Darling Harbour for a bit of the old 'Hair of the Dog' and then out to the airport and the flight back home. Jimmy got quite a going over in customs leaving Sydney but they let him out in the end. Was a pretty good plane trip back and now sitting back at home it all seems like a bit of dream. Can't believe what an amazing ride the last 72 hours have been!


20/08/05 - Studio 301 and Don Bartley: We have just got back from about 7 hours at studio 301 with Don Bartley. Is hard to put into words what an amazing experience it was. We all thought the album sounded pretty good before we came here, but Don has just worked some absolute magic with the songs. He has really managed to further bring out the heart and soul of the music in a way we didn't think possible. So pleased we decided to come to Sydney and work with Don. After seeing what he did today we can understand why the likes of Metallica, Powderfinger and Alanis Morissette have used him. AND, he is the nicest most laid back guy you could ever hope to meet! Well enough talking for now, time for some drinks!



19/08/05 - Sydney: Its early Friday evening, Sydney time. Talk about a crazy 24 hours. Is hard to believe that about 12 hours ago we were still in Devonport just finishing off the album. Managed to get ourselves to the airport in time for the flight somehow and a few beers before we jumped on the plane took the edge off a bit. You wouldn't believe it though, 13 tracks on the fished album and we all get row 13 seats on the flight across. We are taking it as a good omen. Since getting here we have been out for a bit of a wander round and a little bit of sightseeing. However we are all pretty knackered now given the last few weeks and also the huge Indian dinner and the few pints of lager we just had at this great little place up the road. Rikki has retired for the night but Jimmy and I think we might head out for a bit of a look around the Sydney night life. Having come all this way it would be rude not to....


19/08/05 - Down to the wire!: Well what a month it has been. We have pretty much lived in the studio for the last four weeks and everything has come down to the wire! Finished the final mix of the last track at about 3:40am as you can see from the photo below. Rikki has been an absolute legend in the last month and has literally devoted his life to getting the album sounding amazing and ready for our big trip to Sydney. He is a LEGEND!!! and we will be eternally grateful for his commitment to this album! Totally stoked with the way the album has come out sounding! Time for a few hours sleep and then we are off to the airport at 10am to catch our flight to Sydney! Rock 'n' Roll!!!



20/07/05 - Studio 301: Have just confirmed flights and studio time for mastering at studio301 in Sydney this time next month. We are also stoked that Don Bartley has agreed to do the mastering on the album. Don is an absolute legend, having done mastering work for bands such as Metallica and Powderfinger. Can't wait!

17/07/05 - More vocals: Only four more vocal tracks to go and then it is up to Rikki to put together some final mixes. Feels a bit weird to have the end almost in sight as the whole demoing and recording process has been a part of our lives for so long now. Very exciting though!!!

25/06/05 - Rough Mixes and vocals: With Rikki having done a fantastic job on the rough mixes we have started to put down the first of the vocals. Has been great to finally get to sing on the tracks. As the studio process can be quite a long one it is easy to feel a bit distant from the songs after a while. It does start to feel like you forget the original spark or feeling that inspired the songs, especially when you spend so long working on each part of each song in the studio setting. Singing definitely helps you reconnect with the song. Its good to be back!

20/05/05 - Pianos and strings: Our recent time in the studio has been spent giving the songs more "light and shade" as Rikki would say. Feels like we have put down as many piano overdubs as guitars now which isn't what we were really expecting. As we didn't really manage to capture the pianos on our demos in a way we were entirely happy with getting piano parts in there has been great as it has given the songs an edge they haven't previously had . The next step will be for Rikki to put in some hard yards cleaning up the tracks and doing rough mixes ready so we can start vocals.


15/04/05 - Overdubs: We are getting very close to finishing the main overdubs now. Have tried a few different ideas on some songs which has taken the songs in directions we hadn't considered at the demo stage. Things are going very well though and we are getting more and more excited about hearing the finished product.


30/03/05 - The album sessions continue: A couple of further sessions in the studio have really started to pull the album together. James' guitar overdubs are really making the songs come alive. It is fantastic to see all the ideas we have collected together in our demo sessions working in together. However, in some ways it seems the longer the process goes on the more we see we can do to the songs. Have to make sure we don't get too carried away otherwise the album will never get released!


20/02/05 - Refining our demos: Having spent some time in the studio getting the album underway we been able to get a good idea of the way things are sounding. Have taken a little break form the studio to spend some time jamming and refining our ideas for the next stage of the recording further. Being so prepared for our first lot of studio sessions made a big difference to how well everything went so we are keen to get as much sorted as possible before we head back in again


05/02/05 - Recording the album: Our time in the studio from 20 January to 29 January was very successful. The songs are really coming together. It was a very intense 9 days but went really well as all the work we had done preparing paid off. At this stage we still have some guitar overdubs and keyboard parts to put down and then Rikki will look to start mixing the album. After Rikki has finished the rough mixes of the songs we will head back to the studio to put down vocals and more mixing will follow that.

Following the final mix of the album at The Bus we are heading to Sydney to master it at studio301 and will release it in September.

See below for some pictures from the recording session and remember to check back here regularly for updates on the album.

03/01/05 - About the album: The album title will be "HANGING ON BY A THREAD" and has been co-produced by Rikki Morris a legend of the New Zealand music scene and features Drums by Luke Casey (previous drummer for S.P.U.D, 7 Dials, The Nixons, Eye TV, Relaxomatic Project who has also toured and recorded for bands as diverse as Jordan Reyne, Grace, Sulata, Spargo, Second Child, Carly Binding, Bygone Era and Ted Clarke and most recently fronting his own band Tinpot Guru.)

Although we have yet to work out the final running order we have settled on the following 14 songs for the album:

The Cranes
Too Late
Rock One (working title)
One Life
Chicago Snow
Holding on

We took a lot of time over the writing and pre-production process so as we could have a very clear idea of exactly what we wanted when we hit the studio. This time spent has really paid off as we have been able to develop all of the songs to a greater extent than we have done with any recording in the past.

It was a great thrill for us to get Rikki Morris to work with us on the album and was an equally amazing experience to do work with Luke Casey on the songs.

Mark Roach from Muse who created the artwork for our last release Suburban Lullaby will be doing the artwork for HANGING ON BY A THREAD so as well as sounding amazing the album will look fantastic as well.

We have done all the recording for the album at Rikkiís studio ĎThe Busí in Devonport and plan to have it mastered at Studio 301 in Sydney. We are also hoping to have the album distributed in New Zealand by Global Routes but will confirm this closer to the release date.

The new songs are sounding fantastic and we canít wait to get them out there for you to all hear!

If you would like to know anything about the album which we havenít covered above please drop us an email.

Click on the thumbnails of the pictures below from the preproduction and recording of HANGING ON BY A THREAD to see them in size.



We are making really great progress. Have 19 written songs which we are currently about half way through demoing. We hope to cut these down to about 14 or 15 for the album. At this stage we hope to be in the studio proper in the next couple of months. All the songs feel like a big step up and we are hugely excited about how good the finished album is going to be!!! We'll keep you updated on progress and hopefully get some photos and a bit more about some of the songs up here soon so come back and visit soon!

Our upcoming gigs will be a bit sporadic for the next wee while as we devote ourselves to the album. We will be still trying to get out as much as we can though so check back here regularly!

A huge honor to be asked to play TM's birthday party. Check out these photos of Vauxhall live and loud in someone's front room! gigs page.

Stoked to be playing in the second round of the Battle of the Bands. Especially to playing the Roadhouse in Papakura for the first time! gigs page.

06/08/03 - KINGS ARMS GIG
Another great night at the King’s Arms! Cool to see some faces we haven’t seen around in a while and fantastic to play on that big stage! For all the gossip check out the gigs page.

24/07/03 - TEMPLE GIG
Ever feel you've been cheated....Check out the gigs page for a full run down.

12/07/03 - TEMPLE GIG
Jimmy was just about dying with an evil virus so unfortunately we had to cancel. Has just made us more amped for our next gig!

02/07/03 - KINGS ARMS GIG
Having not played the Kings Arms in a while and with some other wicked bands on the line up, this 5 bands for $5 at the Kings Arms was always going to be something special and it did deliver. For a run down and some wicked pictures check the gigs page.

27/06/03 - TEMPLE GIG
With two new songs in the set and playing after Emma Paki it was always going to be a great night and things certainly went according to plan! For some photos and the full story on how the night went, check out the gigs page.

12/06/03 - TEMPLE GIG
Another great night at the Temple. Awesome to see such a good turnout and to once again be playing with some awesome bands. Not bad for a Thursday night! Check out the gigs page for a full run down and some photos.

05/06/03 - BUY STUFF
You can now buy our CDs direct from this website! Go to the 'MUSIC' or 'LYRICS' page and click on the 'ADD TO CART' button for any of the CDs listed. The process uses payapl and if your not a member of paypal already you can sign up as you go. Dead easy! We hope to have a couple of our T-Shirts up for sale on the site soon too! 

We now have our own site on through which you can download a selection of our songs in their entirety for FREE! If you liked the samples you heard on our music page here on this site then click here to go to our site and get the entire song for FREE!

A fantastic night! Our best gig to date. Nice to have an early start too at 9pm as opposed to our usual midnight or after start times. The other four bands on were absolutely awesome as well and was in fact the best 5 bands for $5 nights we've played at! Check out the gigs page for a full run down and some photos.

05/04/03 - TEMPLE GIG
Our second gig in two weeks and we feel like we're definitely warming back into playing live. Although a delay earlier on with one of the other bands meant we didn't hit the stage until 1:15am, was still a great gig. Get the low down and the photos on the gigs page.

15/03/03 - TEMPLE GIG
An excellent first gig back after our silence on the live scene.
Photos, write up and set list available on the gigs page.

07/03/03 - SPA PARTY GIG
Our warm up for the temple didn’t go quite according to plan with noise control shutting us down. once that happened all we could do was get drunk and enjoy the spa pool fun. Check out the gigs page for the details and photos.

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