Verse 1

I don't know,
What you mean,
When you ask me,
Who I am.
It just feels,
Like I'm in a dream,
Keep floating,
Down a stream.
So I pour myself another,
And lite my cigarette,
All I need is a lover,
Who can hold me but not forget,


That may-be cause the rain keeps falling,
Down through the cracks in my head.
And may-be cause it's been three days
Since I've even seen my bed,

Verse 2

But I don't know much,
About anything at all,
All i know of love,
Is that it comes before I fall.

Chorus (Repeated)


So I'll keep pouring it out,
Keep drinking it down,
And I'll try to find the door,
And I'll walk over there,
Or I'll crawl over there,
Or I'll fly,
My way to the cool night air.

Verse 3

So I'll sit tight,
I'm waiting for you,
I'm waiting for the telephone,
To tell me,
To tell me it's true.

Chorus 2

And I see you,
Standing there,
Blue smiles in your hair.
And I see you,
Coming round,
From out of the blue.

Verse 4

Out of the blue,
Out of the blue,
You came from the blue.
It's in the blue,
I was waiting for you.