The phone tells you no oneís there

You ask it in case

The dial tone wakes the hidden fear

You could leave without a trace

The radio plays its brand new hits

Cool songs do nothing for you

The TV shows the beautiful ones

But hey thatís nothing new

When youíre crouched in the tub with the razor at your wrist

You know Iíll keep our secret loversí tryst

Darling Iím coming round, and Iíll be there soon

And Iíll sing for you from the floor of your bedroom


You held on too long this time around

No one even saw it love when you hit the ground

You strapped your boots on and walked out into the waves

As the icy look of madness spread across your face

But what thoughts fluttered behind your eyes

Was it distant echoes of your last good-byes

I want you to know it was never in vain

Because we, we still remember your name


But you said, "Donít you see me falling

Donít you see me falling

Donít you see me falling"

Sometimes I fall too

Something inside you broke today

There was nothing to do, thereís nothing to say

Donít look back Ďcause theyíll drag you down

Our brothers we never leave behind

Youíve got to take Ďem on

Youíve got to fly away

Youíve got to turn your head

To face the dawning day

When the sun finally comes up theyíll find us huddled here

Washed up on the distant shore with seaweed in our hair

Open your eyes, open your eyes

But you said, "Donít you see me falling

Donít you see me falling

Donít you see Iím falling

Iím falling

Iím falling

Iím falling again