Verse 1

Went to your house about ten last night
Lights were off
There was nobody home
Your spare key in the same old place
Got in
Helped myself to wine
Took a trip down memory lane
Same old pictures in the hall
Remember them from days gone by
Before we went to war


The love
Was Real
So please explain to me
How it all turned
To cruelty
Now I'm back
For answers
You owe
That much
To me

Verse 2

Went upstairs to our bedroom
You've still not fixed
That creaking step
Stood in the doorway and looked around
You've changed a lot in here
Different duvet on the bed
New photos on the wall
It doesn't help you to forget
That you ever cared at all

Chorus (Repeated)


Summer dyas and winter nights
Never thought it would end
Now I spend each passin day
Wishin it back again
You made your decision
And so we have to let it go
But I can't let it go
Don't wanma let it go


Bridge (Repeated)