Verse 1

I’m leaving,
So many people So far behind,
Even if you say it,
You want it and you pray for it,
Always gotta be the best that you can be.

I’ve got a feelin,
That this time we’ve slipped too far from home,
But god knows we need it,
We’re young and wanna feel it,
Tomorrow is tomorrow but today is here and now.


And there’s no shame,
In being real,
Live this life like you’re wanting to,
Take what you want Its up to you,
Never let them drag you down,
You’ll only get one shot one, one time.

Verse 2

We Walk this city,
Whose streets we’ve trod a thousand times,
People we’ve always known,
Good times we’ve been shown,
A thousand memories in this place.

Concrete makes a city,
But the people within they define the place,
This won’t be another,
Oasis from love and colour,
Gonna make this city Shine into outer space.

Repeat Chorus

Middle 8
We’ll live in the sun,
All the invincible ones,
You know that’s how we feel,
They know this time we’re for real.

Repeat Chorus

Who the hell are you,
You’ve Taken more lives and broken more dreams,
Than the coldest woman I ever knew.

But we’re, we’re gonna beat ya,
You won’t ever, ever take us down,
Gonna take your victims and shake em,
Take your prisoners and make em,
Remember their hope forget their pain

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Middle 8