Verse 1

The man sits himself down,
Man orders another round,
And the man drinks it down.
Man alone,
Gone Away.

And the man taught to be so strong,
In control when things go wrong,
But not now today,
Man alone,
Gone Away.

The man longs for a time,
When to be a man was not a crime,
But these are different days,
Man alone,
Gone Away.


Gone away,
Gone away,
Gone away,
Man alone,
Gone away.

Verse 2

And the man wants to make it right,
The man he wants to fight ,
But the price is too much to pay,
Man alone,
Gone Away.

And the man he sees her pain,
And the man he feels her pain,
But the man couldn’t reach her,
Man alone gone away

Repeat Chorus

Middle Eight

The man stands in a world where the rules have changed,
Where once what he longed for is now out of range,
So he’ scared and he’s lost and he’s feeling pain,
And a feeling that he’s failed drives him insane

So he walks through the streets of this familiar town,
With his feet scuffing pavement and his head bent down
But you’ll know that he’ll never ever find his way
That’s because his souls crushed his hopes gone away,

So he spends most days with glass in his had.
Hes ignoring the world burying his head in the sand
But you know it aint like he’ll ever forget,
But hes tryin blur the memories, tryin slow the jets

Of dreams and emotions that fill his mind
That scream through his mind when hes lyin bed,
But he knows what to do yeah hes found a way,
He’s gonna make it all stop and todays the day.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

The man feels his world close down,
As the rains fall on this town,
Like some mocking god-given sign
Man alone,
Gone Away.

And the man he wants to be free,
Takes it all to Alviron’s fatal true,
One last look at the day,
And then Man Alone has gone away.

Repeat Chorus