Verse 1

Mama, mama,
Dying in this light,
I don’t know If can get to you tonight.
This house is empty clouds outsight are strange,
Shadows in my bedroom maybe I’ve finally gone insane,
Gone Insane.

Mama, mama
Can’t fell my legs no more,
My mind so numb as I fall to the fall,
Body on the carpet hear myself moan,
Dying sunlight and I’ve never felt so alone,
So alone.


Never meant to hurt you,
Wanted to make you proud of me too,
But when the emptiness begins to gnaw,
I find myself out of it and back on the floor.

Verse 2

Mama, mama,
Said this wouldn’t happen again,
Been saying that since god knows when,
This time I meant it or so it seemed,
But I’m just too easy and this world its far too mean,
Far too mean.

Repeat Chorus

1st Middle 8

And just for a moment,
I’m free of this world,
Flying oh so free and high
Looking for something,
We all want o find,
Some kind of meaning,
Some fleeting piece,
To face down the day,
Without a cringe,
No need for cigarettes,
Bottle or syringe,
But if ever do get lost in the fray,
This world won’t do much,
To help you find your way.

Verse 3

Mama, mama,
Please try to forget,
This pain I‘ve caused I’ll always regret,
I know you suffer because of me,
A mothers lot shouldn’t be so unhappy,

Mama, mama,
Just one more time,
Gonna add one more count to this crime,
I don’t need redemption I just need to be free,
But now its got me its become a part of me.

Never knew how much I needed you,
Never knew what you’d been through,
And you keep saying its always the same for you,
Screaming like a banshee,

Nothing ever getting through.

I, I love you,
I, I love you,
I, I love you,
I, I love, love, love, love, love you.