Itís a state of mind

When I sailed the sea of your love

Itís something that I left behind

Docked in the city

Where you hide your love away

Wandered your lonely streets

Never knowing what to say

Do you believe

In evermore

Is everlasting love

What you been searching for

And are you looking for a light to guide your way or

Just something burning bright

Burning bright but only just for today

You know Iíd stay


And in the sunshine

Do you still feel rain

And in your loverís kiss

Do you still taste pain and

And now I stand here and offering it all to you

And Iíll stand or Iíll fall

On what it is you decide

We should do

And I love you


And ever

See me taken over

Iím losing hope

This time youíve taken all

Youíve taken all the love the most

And Iím, Iím trying hard to breathe here

Trying to save myself

Iím dying here

Dying here

Dying all the way