Verse 1

Bury me deep
Bind my feet
Take my breath
Give me death
Old man never say that he lived too long
Young man not want help when it all goes wrong
Woman so sure that her looks have gone
Girl she lives in some stupid love song


And now
The end is near
But I've nothing to wear
And hope is a dope as the cold takes a hold
Introducing a sinner
Never been a winner
And try as you might the light fades from sight

Verse 2

Bury me deep
It’s time to sleep
Way down low
That's where I'll go
This life that I've lived holds no more for me
Take it if you want
Set me free
Tired of playin with the rest
Had my chances and failed to impress

Chorus (Repeated)


One Shot
For the man I could have been
One shot
For the things I could have seen
One shot
For the life I Could have lived
Love I've left behind
One Shot
For the hate that's takin me
So far that I can not see
Where it was I started from
Or who I'm meant to be

Chorus (Repeated)